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Turkish Big Bite Restaurant

Saint John, NB

533 Westmorland Road

It's All About Saint John

Saint John is a multi cultural community that has become very diverse in the restaurant area. Saint John is offering many different options for your taste buds. Here are Turkish Big Bite we are here with our expertise in Turkish cuisine For your enjoyment.

Generations in The Making

Turkish cuisine is a rich and delicious fusion of many different cultures’ cuisines, including the Ottoman cuisine, which itself is a mix of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and Eastern European flavors. Turkish food is known for being both hearty and healthy, and for its endless variety. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Turkish cuisine!

Turkish Big Bite Restaurant

Incredible Dishes Start Here

We take pride in preserving our heritage threw the meals we prepare and hope to share that with you.

2 Dinning rooms

We have 2 small dinning rooms for your enjoyment.

Heritage You Can Taste

Come in and ejoy your favorite Turkish cuisine.



Kebabs are a popular dish in Turkey that can be cooked at home or in restaurants. There are two main types of kebabs: those cooked on skewers over an open flame, and those prepared in a pot without any water. Pot kebabs are more common at home, since they’re easier to make. Skewered kebabs are often served at restaurants, but they’re also a favorite for family picnics, where they can be cooked on a mangal (barbeque) over charcoal.

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